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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Blog

Hello everyone,
My name is Jami,
It would be very safe to say that I am not very seasoned at understanding the world wide web. However some things are made pretty simple for us, and seem to make sense at the time...?..... So I thought I would give this blogging thing a go.I have an education from the school of hard knocks, majoring in the Arts (Mostly just spending money on art stuff, that I never get finished) I am passionate about Knitting, quilting, and painting. I currently am a home based entrepreneur (Head down Butt up) Long arm quilting services for others. I been in this business since 1999, and was the brought the first long arm quilting machine to our town. I wouldn't even begin to guess how many quilts and quilted wall hanging I have stitched my doodles into. I only know I am sorry that I do not have a photograph journal of my works. I have only ever done the freehand custom quilting, I am artistic and I need an outlet for my creativity, when I am asked how I do it?, My simple answer is,"I doodle all over the quilt with thread, just like you would doodle with a pen or pencil, only I am using thread.

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