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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rose Quilted Wallhanging

The rose Quilt in the introduction to this blog is a quilted wall hanging.
I remember a time when I said, "A quilt on the wall, What the heck would you want to put a quilt on the wall for? Oh My, I have had to eat my words a few times in my life. I have sense learned to say, " That is not where my interest is at this time." (Smile) I now know that I may be drawn to try something, that I might never have thought I would find myself doing, at any point in time. So is the Creative, Artistic nature of the beast.

I took a course a to do this Rose Quilted Wall Hanging. The course was called tessellating hydrangea,(How did I get a rose out of that?) I got a little off course I might say, (smile) which is pretty common for me. When the creative juices start to flow you never know where they will end up. The Tessellating Hydrangea, was a basic Basic tessellation, created by using sets of four small blocks and four protruding points that blended one quilt block into another(If you look at my quilted rose wall hanging, you may still be able to pick out a set of four small squares, that seem to look almost like a four leaf clover)(I see one just below the flower center and slightly to the right). The groupings of four blocks and points are intended to create the impression of the small flowers of a hydrangea, the bunches of small flowers make up a single hydrangea head.
What I did was treat each block and triangle point as an individual piece, I then arranged them on a quilters design wall to create the impression of a rose. This was a very good exercise for me, as I have always been caught up in to many details, This way all I had was small squares and triangle points, and with those my goal was to create the impression of a Rose. I had a lot of fun arranging and rearranging the bits and pieces, then moving away and squinting, back and forth, playing with each piece like it was a brush stroke of paint. I was in the zone, creating art for art sake. Just writing about this artistic process makes me want to go play with my Fabrics


  1. Dear Jami,
    It is a very pretty wall-hanging and you really achieved to create your rose. I wish you good luck with your new blog site.
    Maria from North Sea Quilters

  2. This art quilt is georgous! And will make your wall proud to hold her.

    Thanks for coming by my blog today. I will return to see what you do next. It's great to share ideas and inspiration in what I call blogland.

  3. Thanks, for stopping by Lynn. I hope I can get some things done and keep up the focus. My daughter is also in The Academy of Art online studies out of Sanfransisco, so I will be posting up some of her material.
    Thanks again
    Happy creating

  4. This wall art looks wonderful. Congratulations! And I do understand your comment 'art for art's sake'. It a need that must be addressed - there is not a choice.