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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quilts will get a new home

Just a quick update on why I have been so quiet on my Blog. I am very very busy painting and cleaning my HUGE commercial building. My hubby and I are setting up our businesses in the building, until such time as we get a new tenant or a buyer. Maybe if we are lucky we will win a million dollars, or an investor with lots of money will come along and I can turn the building into the artist studio mall that is my dream. I have had this dream for many years, I wanted to create a space where artists and craftsman could come together and share the energy that over flows from all artists from time to time. I wanted this community of artist to include an element of recycle/reuse, a place where, One mans garbage is another mans gold.
For now the building will be mostly empty, with an area for my Commercial Quilting business, and an area for Hanson Hydraulics. Now isn't that an odd combination.
Well I better get at it, More painting and cleaning, painting and cleaning.
It's nice to be busy and it is great to see the changes.

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