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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Designer Quilt

How many quilters can remember a time when choosing the colours for your quilt was an extremely daunting task? With each successful project we gain a little confidence one quilt piece at a time. Maybe?
Some years ago I was talking with an interior decorator and I asked her,"How do you know where to start when picking the room colours, let alone the colours for the entire home?" She then told me a designers trick. First she told me to pick a fabric from her lovely swatches. I took some time to choose one that I was particularly fond of. After making my choice my designer friend gave me the confidence I needed, by pointing out to me that, If I loved the way the colours looked in my lovely chosen swatch?, which I truly did, then I would also love those colours together in my home. She then told me to use that fabric swatch to begin choosing the colours for the different elements of my room decorating. I chose a colour for the walls, one for the carpet, one for the furniture, etc. etc. I had decided on my room colours in no time. The last information my designer friend mentioned was this, "Designers study for years and years to learn how to put colours together in such a pleasing way!, Why try to improve on that?" When my room decorating project was complete, It was pleasing to the eye and a comfortable palette to live with. In the end I never even used the lovely fabric that had been my inspiration, but it sure did a good job.
So back to colours in quilting, as you can see this little decorators trick can help you to chose colours for any project you may be coordinating, a quilt, a room, a new home, even how to dress for the day. Just remember this, "If you like the way the colours look together on your little swatch, then you will like them together in many applications.
Designer Quilt, Room,Home,Dress.
The Designer knows best

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